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You don't know how bad I want to see you.

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I want to be happy again.


You will be welcome at any time.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd try to be on time from now on.

Children used to look up to their parents; now they are inclined to regard them as equals.


I have low blood pressure.


He stayed there for three days.

There is no happy love.

Julie is the only one on this island that can speak French.

Phillip crashed into a tree.

We have a lot to learn from other cultures.


Rex is a sushi lover.


The rain didn't stop us.

He's out of the office because he's in Osaka on business.

Miss Smith is liked by all students.

Seymour didn't mean to offend Hui.

It would be true, if zero or more characters at the beginning of the string would match this regular expression.

He's not very good at remembering names.

What are you going to tell Randell exactly?


There came a loud knock on the on the front door.

My mother gets up earlier than I.

In Japanese folklore, bakeneko are cats with magical powers.

What ship were you on?

Lila said he wasn't concerned.

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I have forgiven him already.

He got hurt seriously in the traffic accident.

Ray is narrow-minded.

As long as good people do nothing, evil will triumph.

Vicky couldn't fall asleep because he was thinking about Michael.

It is difficult to replace an employee that is as qualified as he is.

I want to have a cup of coffee.


He doesn't know anything about me.

Pork has a lot of fat.

How can I help you, sir?

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Have you hidden anything?


Can you tell me more about your job?

My computer is very slow.

Rajiv and Peggy stared into each other's eyes.

Mysore can't be serious.

What's this for?

Flattery is like counterfeit money; it makes the one who receives it, poorer.

It is important to know your own limitations.

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From above the river looks like a serpent slithering through the jungle.

He sat next to the stream.

Rusty says Varda is to blame.


I am writing a letter now.


Cut into long thin strips.

Ethan had the munchies, but since there was nothing in the house to eat, he went to the convenience store not too far from where he lived.

What I'm holding in my hands is a fossilized shell.

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I can't leave him.

Philippe asked if you'd be willing to take care of his dog while he was away.

We've all missed you.

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The player performed a wonderful feat.

Among familiars, the merest hint suffices each to know what's going on.

Hume says he doesn't have enough time.


It makes me sad to think of his death.

He hopes that his group succeeds.

It is regrettable that you did not start earlier.

Were you on time for work today?

Doctors have discovered some startling facts.


Lenora got up and walked out of the bar.


Who are you to tell us we can't go?

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Sign above this line.

The statue expresses freedom.

He told me to make sure of the date.

I want to marry Jesper.

Pierce walked toward Naren.

Raymond received 333 votes.

I feel very tired.


Rodney wants to buy a bass guitar, but he doesn't have enough money.

Adam laughed at the proposition.

I like your job.


Ambition is the germ from which all growth of nobleness proceeds.

It was fate.

Jerrie told Roxie that he wasn't happy.


Is Bertrand free now?

We don't care about the money.

Randolph turned on the tap.

The difference was clear.

Pierette doesn't take very good care of his dog.

I thought we had a great relationship.

Don't do two things at a time.

We can't fight this.

Charley is staring at me.

Do you have something to do with this group?

Have you chosen a major yet?

Jacobson was angry at Roland.

It had been a long, hard day for Rakhal, and he fell into bed exhausted.


Not all Brazilians enjoy Carnival.


I told you it was going to be hard to do.

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I rather like him.

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This timer is set to beep ten minutes from now.


I avoided Kerri for two months.

I will see my uncle tomorrow.

Some English words derive from Japanese.

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The tidal wave warning has been canceled.

I'd say that's worth a try.

And not a single person went.

English deformed several words of French.

He took off his T-shirt.

Go out of the room at once.

The United States of America is a democratic country.


Can you repeat that, please?

You're with me, aren't you?

Poor as he was, he would not receive the money.

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You should've listened to them.

Thousands of people rushed to Nome.

We still have a lot of time.

I was baking a cake.

Can't you speak English?


Elaine waited till the door was closed.

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Mwa doesn't know the difference between wine and champagne.


My wife and children depend on me.


Textile News has a large following among those working in the textile industry.

Everything Romain said was a lie.

Tatoeba is helping to improve my Esperanto.


I felt fear.

I live here.

She also likes chocolate.


Christina always seems to be happy.

Randy budgeted three hundred dollars for the party.

That doesn't bother me at all.


So what do I do now?

He broke the window by throwing a stone.

We should confirm his intentions once more.

Don't get discouraged.

The poor are not those who have little but rather those who need much.

Mr Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to come.

Jacobson plans to go there alone.

Many sailors can't swim.

We were planning to go to the cinema last night, but everyone was tired, so we ended up watching a movie at home instead.

Mario said that she wasn't a Christian.

Do you think that I'm not trying?

Stagger wanted to become a diplomat.

I can't make you come with us.

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I'm bursting for a wee and I can't find a washroom.

I bet Tammy didn't know that.

I want to know where Wendell is.

I need quiet when I am reading.

That's not where I was last night.

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I'll lend you the book, provided you return it next week.

You will wait.

What makes you think William will listen to me?

When the money ran out, the construction work was suspended.

This blackboard is not black, but green.


She taught him the tricks of the trade.

Godzilla will never ever destroy the Imperial Palace nor the signboards of the sponsoring companies.

How stupid of me to do so!

Pratap is always trying to boss everyone around.

Can you play Jingle Bells?

They are all wearing uniforms.

May I open my eyes now?


Let's celebrate the anniversary of our first date.

I'm happy to report that we won.

Well, I guess I'm wrong.

I especially liked the way you sang the second song.

Let me go talk to him.