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The fireplace lends coziness to this room.

Is there something you haven't told me yet?

Don't take my words ill.


I'm sure Ben wouldn't approve.

A huge waterspout has formed.

Do you want to know how I did it?

I need to find out where we should be.

I'm afraid I have other plans.

Root, hold up.

I thought that Bud was exaggerating.

Rahul has enough problems the way it is.

Belgium is not so large as France.

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The delicate, graceful flowers are in bloom.

You can't live here anymore.

They threatened and denounced each other.

I could not but sigh when I heard the news.

Paula couldn't find anything better to do.


We don't need a lot of space.

It makes no difference what you say. I'm still going to buy that expensive car.

Try to keep from crying.

If you watch past season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer without me, I'm going to kill you.

Soohong told me that he likes to swim.

I don't want her to know this.

Goethe's poem "Mignon" is widely read in Japan in Mori Ogai's excellent translation.

I'm afraid it will rain tonight.

You can't live like this.

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He is always cheerful.

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Shutoku won't let you in his house.


Konstantinos is afraid of dying.

Lenora is saying we stole his dog.

Does anybody in the audience have any questions?

I am assumed to be deputizing for the absent colleague.

He is an expert driver.

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Irving sat cross-legged on the floor.


The bus has a ten-minute delay.

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Take me to them.


I am going to school.

Coleen gave Sonja a hard time.

She opened like this.

Walter has no alibi.

His name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it.

Bruno doesn't want to be found.

There's no love without jealousy.

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Mohammad called and complained.

Hillel was barely able to get out of bed.

Just let me handle it, OK?


I drew this picture myself.


Just throw your bicycle in the back of the truck and I'll drive you home.


I want to tell you about him.


She seems tired.

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Doctor: Take a chill pill and then call me in the morning.

Is it any warmer inside?

I won't try to escape.

We have a car.

If you really don't want to come, you don't have to.

His lips touched mine.

The courier just arrived.

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There is something you should see.

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She was absent from school because she was sick.

Claudio sensed a tension between John and Stephan.

Loren can be trusted.


Everybody needs to calm down.

You don't know everything I do.

We didn't see any while we were there.


Who is heavier, Ben or Mike?

He'll be busy tomorrow.

To fly big passenger airliners calls for long training and experience.


Some people seldom speak unless they're spoken to.


Mercury was the messenger of the gods.


I don't believe God exists.

The government coffers are replete with funds.

I'm on my way to meet her now.


What are you looking for exactly?

However, the die had already been cast.

Work is a very important part of life in the United States.


You never told me why you did that.


Beth often acts like a baby when he can't get his way.


In the future, nobody will drive cars.

Larry Ewing doesn't answer me.

A man named Slim was killed in that accident.

Dwight turned and faced the camera.

Can we meet a little later?

I've quit doing many things I used to do.

Let me take this.

How many islands does Germany have?

There was nothing wrong with their ability, it was just that the expense for each unit was so vast that the cost performance was bad.


That's precisely what I meant.

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It is costly and politically difficult to continue this conflict.

Ima went berserk.

I thought Piete might stop by this afternoon.

Later, they were murdered stealthily.

If you spend too much time worrying, you'll never get anything done.

It seemed like such a good plan.

I think I need to talk to him.


This company is a victim of its own success.

Do you like to watch movies?

We stayed in our house and watched TV.


I am not a liar.


We'll get them home safely.

All journeys begin with a first step.

They are cousins, if I remember rightly.

You've got another big day tomorrow.

He was a good worker, say what you will.

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The teacher gave us a lot of homework.

Don't make a promise which you cannot keep.

Something bizarre happened to me last week.

The businessman didn't dare withdraw from the transaction.

We can see who's laughing, but not who's crying.


When I opened the door, Lana was standing there wearing a suit.

I come here every Fourth of July.

Aren't you ashamed of being such a goody-goody, and of studying so hard? You never have a bit of enjoyment.

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Do you know when they will arrive?

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He found Phill.

You're coming with me.

He has done it before.

This chicken is fried well.

All things hidden will be seen.

Don't tell my boss.

I do not want to bother.

"Do you want something to eat?" "Sorry, I just ate."

They wanted it.


Let's see if Rafael can handle that.

Panacea used to be weird.

Simon told me he was really busy.


Where the hell have you been Vance?


I'd like four tickets, please.

When was the last time you played lacrosse?

Dustin seems to be enjoying the party.

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What you said convinced them.


It'll take too long.

As a rule, he arrives at the office about eight-thirty in morning.

It would be better if we didn't speak of Wilson.

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Orville wants a large family.

I admit that at first I didn't like you.

Masanao was selfish.

I know how Werner feels.

Would you like to tell me something else?


This is all I want to do.

Some built houses partly underground.

I really loved them.


She heard coughing.

There is a woman who wants to see you.

She's inquisitive by nature.

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I don't have my glasses with me.

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I didn't change a thing.



I'm working on finishing my MBA.

Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?

I have no idea where he has gone.

Gunshot residue was found on Thad's hands.

Dwight and Jordan only speak French with their children.

There was no music.