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A president's work is very interesting.


He handed in his resignation.

Have you eaten enough?

He saw there what he had dreamed about.

He is an active boy.

Tea, drunk from a new thermos, tastes a little metallic.

Some things in life are beyond our ability to control.

The relationships of socialisers are often reflected in the distance between them.


We're just trying to protect you.


Here is a magic ball of yarn. In whatever direction this ball rolls, follow without fear.


I was very influenced by that anecdote.

He seems as busy as ever.

They had the majority in Parliament.


The sanctity of this place has been fouled.

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Kenneth had several bags of gold dust in the trunk of his car.

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Trying is one of our employees.


You don't have to go getting so hairy about such a small thing.


Brad was kidnapped and held by his captors in an abandoned building on Park Street.


I want to get out here as soon as possible.

I like to walk in the mountains.

If you should die, what would become of your family?


It's a question of principle.


Are you really Darin's brother?

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There is something inherently fascinating about science. Such a tiny investment in facts yields such a high return in predictions.

This particular model has a really low battery life.

Why don't we go downstairs?


Please don't sign the contract.

This pencil is not grey.

I take a maintenance pain pill for arthritis.


No sooner had Frederic broken up with Samir than John asked her out.


I hankered to get out of the city for a weekend.


You seem pretty preoccupied.


Brad dropped out of school to work full-time.

He wants to donate money.

Italo Calvino returned to Italy when he was still just a boy.

Don't forget us.

Her pregnancy was fraught with complications.

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Is there anything you can't do?


I think we'll all feel better once we get a little sleep.


The school is only a five-minute walk away.

I may be able to help you.

He had a new suit made.


Will you be going?

I could keep him company.

It may have been Horst who broke this window.

She's made shrimp dumplings and added shiitakes with Sichuan pepper.

You've done that already.


She can't suppress her emotions.

Let's pretend we are aliens.

I'm really happy for her.

What did you tell him about us?

The stock got creamed when they got wind of the dilution.


We're well ahead of schedule.

I don't want to go with her.

I have the feeling that we're forgetting something important.

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Luke was bleeding profusely.

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What do you think the audience wants?


He asked me whether anybody was there.

Is it summer yet?

Blair likes country music.


I'm done with all of that.

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I was with someone.

You rewrote it, didn't you?

Can you speak any language other than French?


No one has the right to tell me different.


I won't tolerate such language!


Have you given Stacy anything to eat or drink?


Dustin should be able to get it done.


I lie on the grass.

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I've been looking forward to this all week.

We'll stop him.

Let's be smart.


I didn't drink the water.


I want to try.


Don't pick on me, please.

A stray dog followed Paola home and he decided to keep it.

That was delicious.


This programme allows you to stay informed.

It'll cost you more to fix it than to it would cost you to buy a new one.

Is it a threat?


The trouble with fiction... is that it makes too much sense. Reality never makes sense.

Could you help Guillermo pack his suitcase?

He was able to memorize that poem when he was five years old.

I can't watch this film, there is too much violence in it.

Time doesn't change us, it reveals what we are.


Yes, I'm in a hurry.

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He was shown the photo by her.

The drug was revealed to cause liver damage.

Serdar tried to catch Calvin.

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What did Gerard mean by that?


Wes looks as if he hasn't eaten in days.


I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like this.

Please give me your attention.

He is quick at learning a foreign language.

What's your take on this?

Knute never used to be so busy.


Take her to the station.

Celeste is probably in bed and asleep.

Jakob looked under the bed to see if the other slipper was there.


More than one student studies French in our class.

I don't blame you for doing that.

He planned the project along with his colleagues.

There's a two-drink minimum.

A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

I want her to have this.

I thought I heard a gunshot.


We've tried calling Conrad's cell phone.

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Is that what this is all about?

No one escaped alive.

I didn't want Wendi to get nervous.

Muiriel had no other choice but to accept her defeat.

He took some very beautiful pictures in Monaco.

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He is without doubt one of the most successful businessmen in Japan.

He still says that he did nothing wrong.

Floyd is afraid to go out after dark.

There was not a cloud in the sky.

In case you go out before 5, just let me know.

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I wonder where she had her photograph taken.


I will kill this habit or die trying.

I made Ann a doll.

We didn't win the game.


Usually, we shake hands when we meet someone for the first time.

I'm sorry I bothered you.

Television has a great deal of influence on society.

It is over a century since slavery was made illegal.

Where did you pick up those old coins?


The man lost his way in the woods.


Neville didn't have enough time to eat lunch.

Progress has been made towards gender equality but more needs to be done.

I'm glad you're my friend.

I thought his remarks very apropos.

She went there herself.


The article you wrote is not in compliance with our journal's standards.

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Leave that stuff alone.

I just did what my boss told me to do.

He was caught in the act of stealing.


I wonder how long this cold weather will last.

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The radioactive cloud stopped at the border.

Here's what really happened.

Have you met the new court jester?