They aimed their guns at her.

She was always different from other children.


We went to Boston last month.

Should World War III come about, there would be no winners at all.

They are impatient.


I don't mind sharing the room with him.


Nancy was the first girl to come.


I told you the truth when I told you I loved you.

He is a handsome young man.

I neglected it.


I don't think that's necessary.

The answer is no.

I spent all day wondering what I should do.

This book is so amusing that I could go on reading for hours.

It was such a nice day that the street was full of people.

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I have a little money. With you and this, I am happy.


Maybe you disagree.


Can you find the mistake?

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You joined the navy after finishing college, didn't you?


My car collided wih a motorbike.


That's your job, isn't it?

Edgar was methodical.

That man can eat twenty big red chilies at once!


Loren leafed through the magazine that was on the coffee table.

We must not give way to their demands.

These pills come in a blister pack.

We should be winning.

Dominick lives in an apartment complex.

It reminds me of something!

Nobody suspected anything.


Aimee doesn't believe Don did what John said she did.

Please use British English in your text.

Having considered your proposal, we have decided that we are unable to lower the price.

Rajeev asked for permission to use the phone.

That sounds fun.

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I think we can get everything we need.

The patient was transferred to the cardiology ward.

The food was great in Italy.


Why don't you just go get Socorrito?

The verdict at issue in these discussions is the one brought in the Lander's trial in 1994.

Do you know who you are?

I won't let her interfere.

In the western Antarctic Peninsula region of the Bellinghausen Sea, temperatures are rapidly warming, and changes in the marine ecosystem are underway.

A language is a living system that evolves during time.

Let's forget about that.

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This is a sentence, that has the syllable count, of a good haiku.

Hunter almost started to cry.

Hughes poured brandy into the glasses.

Vincenzo used to torment his younger brother.

The bad weather prevented me from going to work.

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Do you have a prenup?


Extreme weather events currently disrupt transportation networks in all areas of the country; projections indicate that such disruptions will increase.


Scientists discover genomic exchange between a vampire-like parasitic plant and its host.


I don't know why I didn't try this before.

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There is not a little hope of his recovery.

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We might even win.


As there was no bus service, we had to walk all the way to the station.

He listened to music in his room.

I cannot fire Ken. He's a good worker.

Go see it if you never want to sleep again!

I was wrong about myself.

I am very glad to meet you today.

Monica isn't doing well.

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It's not really my cup of tea.

Our passports were all we needed.

Cliff is tone deaf.


That's going to be tough.

Esperanto allows embracement of the world.

Marilyn divided the cake into eight pieces.

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The chances are that it will rain today.

Try now, or you will be sorry for it later.

What do you think about breakfast at McDonald's?

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That's a little disrespectful.

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Has Mehrdad told Blayne everything?


The waves sprayed the rocks with water.

Germans have no sense of humor? I don't find that funny.

I've learned a lot from this conversation.


They told me that I would feel a little better if I took this medicine.


Were you ever in Kairo?

Has Barbara done something wrong?

Beckie didn't learn how to swim until he was thirteen.

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Why is it so important to look pretty?

The college song reminds me of the good old days.

I'm 17, too.

Don saw the tears in Tad's eyes.

That's worth three hundred dollars.

It was a strange sight.

I dislocated my ankle, and I also broke my tibia and fibula bones.

I believe that argument to be misleading.

His writing of a novel surprised us.

It is better not to go out of your field.

The goal is not to affect current oil production, but to obscure that country's energy future.

I've got something else on my mind.

"Helen! Where are you?" "I'm here!" "But where is here?"


Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.

I think you should add this sentence at any rate, if it's not yet part of our collection.

Several hundred men were packed into the boat.

You need to fix it.

Antony is in the frozen yogurt business.

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He is my stepdad.

Gene doesn't want that.

I could only shake my head.

We're the only ones here who know Lewis.

I know his brother well.


Hsi doesn't want to go anywhere else.

They met Lila here.

Sit down. You are not allowed to stand up.

You looked like you were afraid.

I don't like cold weather.


I'm losing clients.


Leads didn't bother to argue.

This job is not for any person in the battery.

I lead a busy life.

Beth was found guilty of murder.

Did you poison them?

The burglar wore gloves, with the result that there were no finger-prints to be found.

Heidi said he was bored.

I don't want to disappoint him.

Strictly speaking, she didn't like it at all, but she didn't say a thing.

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Why are you grumbling again?


My lawyers said I should meet with you.

I have reason to believe that you're lying.

I could have been happy if Alberto had stayed.


Serious calamities struck him his whole life.

Kim is a compulsive hoarder.

Ask Trying where he is.


Please wrap it up.

A paradigm is something you think about before you think about it.

Kevin did it willingly.

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I think that's a huge mistake.


Do you want them there?

We have been married for three years.

I'm retired, too.

Harold went directly to his room as soon as he got home.

The university that we attend usually begins its classes on the first of April.

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With Esperanto you can communicate equally with people from other countries.

Give me the keys to your car.

We live in a wonderful period.

I can't imagine what Pilot might be thinking about.

I'm building a birdhouse.

The long discussion came to an end at last.

The food was better in prison.

We're so glad to have you here.

How long have you been sitting here?

You'll get my full cooperation.

I'm going to need a wig.


Get out here, fast! The guards are coming.


With JAL tickets so expensive, expatriates flew Air Iraq.

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Andy saw that Kenton was losing it.

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Win stopped his car and got out.

Most people find public speaking stressful.

I want this letter registered.